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Each Mortgage Centre office is independently owned and operated.
Empowering Canadians To Retire Early With Real Estate| Wealth Management | Personal Pension Plans | Self-Directed RRSP | |Certified Wealth Management Advisor | Real Estate Investments Consultant | Mortgage Agent | Refinancing | Private Mortgage Lending | Six Degrees Real Estate Investors Mixer.-- My expertise and my passion for "early retirement" has allowed me to mentor anxious Canadian families and home owners who have not managed to invest their life savings effectively. I help them acquire properties, diversify their investments and build a long-term retirement strategy using their home equity, savings and Registered Plans (RRSP, RESP, LIRA & TFSA). Today, my clients include home-owners and individual investors who are ready to fathom new avenues for their own investments. I help them by: ★ Educating & Empowering though the Six Degrees Real Estate Investors Mixers ( meetup). This is where I bring together seasoned investors, speakers and mentors from various backgrounds. ★ Educating & Coaching though one-on-one consultations. This is where we take stock and compile their savings, pension, investments and available home equity (net worth). ★ Designing and Implementing a retirement income plan with a new investment strategy that incorporate their current locked investments with new acquisitions.These cater to the clients' current AND future cash flow needs. Specialties: Real Estate Investing | Mortgages | Financing | Private Money Lending | Alternative Investments | Pre-Construction Townhomes | RRSP | TFSA | Rental Property | Retirement planning | Wealth creation | Wealth management | Asset protection ► Visit to schedule your FREE Consultation! When working with investors, we explore the following real estate investment vehicles: 1.Income properties (for Cash flow) and Pre-Construction TownHomes 2.Investing in Private Lending (Mortgages & MIC)* 3.Alternative Real Estate Investment (Private Equity and Syndication)* * RSP-eligible

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We help you get a better deal. A mortgage broker works for you to shop the mortgage market, saving you time and money.

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  1. Independent advice
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  5. Specialized knowledge
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