Adam Jardine

Mortgage Associate


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494 Queen Street, Suite 400,
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 1B6

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....You know, as a mortgage broker I sit back and watch a homebuyer negotiate the best price for their new home. I see them counter back and forth sometimes over a very few thousand dollars, but when it comes to what really matters, I watch that same person go into the bank for a mortgage and come out honestly thinking that they got a good deal on their new home. Here's the reality on a standard 25 year, 100,000 dollar loan at 6% you will pay over 90,000 in interest alone! Here's where's negotiation really matters! By using a mortgage specialist, I can help you get that home paid faster, I'll show how to get out of debt sooner, and save you hundreds a month all at the same time, and when you leave my office you'll know you have a good deal. Here's what I can help you with: - First time homebuyers - Refinances and Second Mortgages - New home Construction - 100% Financing - Investment Properties - Pre-Approvals Give me a call if you have any questions at all.


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We help you get a better deal. A mortgage broker works for you to shop the mortgage market, saving you time and money.

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  1. Independent advice
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